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Jacob Ahlsson, Project Manager at Opticom, will visit Medica between November 17-19. If you wish to meet him there and discuss about how Opticom can help you to make better business decisions, please call him at +46 (0) 708-39 90 09.



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In the September edition of the Trade Magazine “Pharma Industry”, Opticom launches a brand new Industry research survey answering questions like; what do the pharma industry think about their own future, and which questions are currently the most critical for the Pharma industry. The answers, gathered by a websurvey distributed to selected people within the industry, show a somewhat conservative industry reluctant to change in spite of new industry ground rules. But it also shows that the pharma industry is a valued workplace with high ratings on job satisfaction.

To access the full article in Swedish click on the following link:
Läkemedelsindustrin – med nya spelregler men fast i gamla hjulspår

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Opticom International Research today announces the results from “The Brand  Tracking Survey – Cartonboard for consumer packaging 2010” defining and  ranking the most valuable cartonboard brands in Western Europe according to  brand owners (consumer goods manufacturers).

The results are based on interviews conducted in January-February 2010 with  approximately 400 brand owners located in Western Europe, representing six  different end use segments: Cosmetics & beauty care, Pharmaceuticals &  healthcare, Chocolate & confectionery, Frozen & chilled food, Dry food, Wines &  spirits. Respondents are responsible for or heavily involved in selecting which  cartonboard grades and/or brands that are to be used to produce the folding  cartons that their consumer products are packed in.

Main findings
Brand owners are, according to the survey, getting more knowledgeable about  cartonboard brands as they now refer to brands rather than to the type of  cartonboard and/or the name of their cartonboard supplier. The overall level of  brand recognition is, however, still far from the level seen among carton  converters. When segments are analysed on an individual basis, it is clear that  some segments show a higher level of brand recognition than others: e.g.  Cosmetics & beauty care and Pharmaceuticals & healthcare.

The seven brands that qualify for the Western European ranking (including all  six end use segments) based on their Brand Equity Index and thus are the  most valuable brands in Western Europe according to brand owners (consumer  goods manufacturers) are:

  1. Tambrite

  2. Incada

  3. Invercote

  4. Simcote

  5. Alaska

  6. Rochcoat/-blanc

  7. Chromolux

A sign of the improved brand knowledge is that all seven brands qualifying for  the total ranking this year are real cartonboard brands in contrast to the survey  in 2008, when two of the top brands were in fact names of cartonboard  suppliers.

In most of the segments, the brands which qualify for the ranking lists are well  established since many years. However, in the Cosmetics & beauty care  segment there are three brands qualifying which are relatively new to market  and they are Algro Design from Sappi, Carta Elega from M-real and Trucard  from Tullis Russel. It will be interesting to see the future development of these  brands vs. the established top brands. Currently they play in different leagues  with Invercote being the by far strongest cartonboard brand according to  owners of Cosmetics & beauty care brands and Incada and Ensocoat also very  much ahead of the newcomers. However, there is no time for complacency in  this industry.

A fast positive development for a particular brand is best illustrated by Alaska  (International Paper) in the Pharmaceuticals & healthcare segment; up from a  9th place in 2008 to number one this year.

To summarise, the survey shows that brand owners are getting more knowledgeable about cartonboard though awareness still is on a fairly modest level.

“The raised interest in and knowledge about cartonboard brands could and should  be translated into opportunities for the cartonboard producers” says Jessica  Tommila, responsible for this survey at Opticom. She also adds that building  and sustaining a strong brand, requires a thorough understanding of what it  takes to open the doors to the brand owners and earn their loyalty. What drives  awareness and initial purchase for example and what would make them switch  from the brand/s they currently use to another brand?

For more information, or ordering of the survey, please contact
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Opticom International Research today announces the results from “The Brand Tracking Survey – Cartonboard for consumer packaging 2010” defining and ranking the most valuable cartonboard brands in Western Europe according to carton converters.

The ranking of brands takes into account both awareness of and satisfaction with the brand. Satisfaction encompasses quality associations, perceived brand performance and loyalty towards the brand.

The results are based on interviews conducted in January-February 2010 with 213 carton converters from seven Western European countries: Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. All the converters who participated in the survey use virgin fibre cartonboard for their cartons and they produce folding cartons for at least one of the following end use segments: Cosmetics & beauty care, Pharmaceuticals & healthcare, Chocolate & confectionery, Frozen & chilled food, Dry food, Wines & spirits.

Main findings
The survey shows that overall brand knowledge among carton converters is improving. It has also become more competitive in the sense that brands outside of top ten are narrowing the gap and they are potentially challenging the more well-established brands. Results indicate that several of the cartonboard companies now put more emphasis on branding their products.

There are three cartonboard companies with relatively stronger brands and/or development over time than others:

•    Iggesund with Invercote maintaining its position as the clearly most valuable brand among Western European converters and its other brand Incada in a 4th place
•    Korsnäs in 2nd place thanks to the brand taking a lead from a quality associations and loyalty point of view
•    Stora Enso with Ensocoat up from a 6th place in 2008 to a 3rd place and its other brands Tambrite, CKB and Performa also in top ten; mainly as a result of an improvement in the awareness of the brands

The other cartonboard producers active in the Western European market are considerably weaker.

The following list shows the most valuable cartonboard brands in Western Europe according to carton converters. The ranking is based on the Brand Equity Index:

  1. Invercote

  2. Korsnäs

  3. Ensocoat

  4. Incada

  5. Tambrite

  6. CKB

  7. Simcote

  8. Performa

  9. Chromolux

  10. Rochcoat/-blnc

  11. Alaska

Besides the brands qualifying for the total Western European Brand Equity Index ranking, there are another nine brands that qualify for the Brand Equity Index ranking in only one geographical market respectively. The strongest of these are CMPC in the UK and Trucard in Germany; both are a top brand in the respective market. Results have also been analysed per main end use segment for the converter and some brands are clearly more recognised and appreciated for certain end use segments than others.

The survey does not only measure how well known and appreciated brands are and how loyal users are towards them. It also looks into purchasing behaviour such as how influential converters are when selecting cartonboard grade and/or brand, how often they buy a certain brand and what the main drivers are behind the brand selection.

In line with the actuality of the topic, the environment constitutes a new and important part of the survey. Opticom has looked into how much environmental aspects matter when converters select a brand, how brands perform and whether or not there is a brand and/or supplier being superior to others in this respect. The results show that there is not yet any supplier or brand that, according to the converters, can claim to have taken a lead in the environmental area. There is thus so far no direct correlation between investments made aiming at improving the environmental sustainability and credibility of a supplier and/or brand and the market perception of the same.

To summarise, the survey shows that there are plenty of opportunities to make a difference for owners of the cartonboard brands but as Jessica Tommila, responsible for the survey, puts it: “Building and sustaining a valuable brand is not done overnight, it requires commitment and above all consistency in defining, communicating and living the brand/s”.

The survey adds value to you if you are interesting in finding out any of the following:
>    How do your customers (the converters) view your brand? What overall strengths and weaknesses does it have?
>    Is your brand well-known where distributed? That is, does its awareness reflect its availability in the various markets?
>    What do users of your brand value when it comes to quality characteristics?
>    How well does your brand fulfil converter demands; both in absolute terms and in relation to competition?
>    How loyal are converters to your brand? Are they sensitive to changes in e.g. pricing, product quality or logistics?
>    How important are the environmental aspects to a converter when selecting brand in general and what are the environmental expectations on your brand in particular?
>    Is your brand one of the leading brands from an environmental point of view?

The findings provide useful information that enables owners of the cartonboard brands to for example:
>    Define where to focus the efforts in order to create a stronger position for their brands; is it question of raising awareness of the brand or more about influencing converters’ quality perceptions or even improving the actual quality of the brand?
>    Analyse their brands’ positions in the various markets and end use segments to see where they have competitive advantages and not. Though brand promises are not solely about product quality features, a lot of valuable input is provided when it comes to how to define the brand promise.

The information should be considered valuable not only to the sales force and the marketing departments handling marketing communication but also to market/business planning and development departments responsible for improving the quality of the brands. Knowing your customers (current as well as potential) and how they view various matters is the key to successful business.

For more information, or ordering of the survey, please contact
Jessica Tommila at jessica [at] opticom [dot] se



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Opticom International Research now presents the results of the 9th edition of the “Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Office Paper”. This industry standard benchmark survey for office paper brands has been conducted among more than 4 000 professional end-users across 7 countries in Europe.

The top European office paper brands according to the Opticom Brand Equity Index are:

Rank 2009 (2007) Brand (Brand owner)
1 (1) Xerox (Xerox)
2 (3) HP (HP)
3 (5) Navigator (grupo Portucel Soporcel)
4 (2) Impega (Lyreco)
5 (NEW!/2*) Lyreco (Lyreco)
6 (4) Viking (Office Depot/Viking Direct)
7 (14) Canon (Canon)
8 (6) Clairefontaine (Clairefontaine)
9 (12) Océ (Océ)
10 (8) Antalis (Antalis)
11 (10) Data Copy (M-real)
12 (NEW!/7*) Office Depot (Office Depot)
13 (BACK!) Evolve (M-real)
14 (9) Motif (PaperlinX)
15 (11) Discovery (grupo Portucel Soporcel)
16 (NEW!) Plano (Papyrus)
17 (18) Double A Paper (Advance Agro)
18 (NEW!/20*) Ricoh (Ricoh)
19 (NEW!) Rainbow (Papyrus)
20 (15) Future (UPM)
* New but rebranded; comparative ranking for predecessor (Impega, Niceday and Nashuatec respectively)

To access the full news release click on the following link:
News Release Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Office Paper 2009

For more information, or ordering of the study, please contact Marijn van der Sluijs at +46 8 50 3090 00 or Marijn [at] opticom [dot] se.