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After a number of years in which it has been difficult to gather all employees for an internal conference to discuss opportunities for improving business processes, Opticom found a solution where even the staff’s children could join their parents when they went on a conference.

“A consulting firm’s business model is based on competence. It is important that all employees do well and everyone can join in this kind of activities where we develop our company. No one should be excluded just because he or she has children,” says Carl Michael Bergman, Opticom’s CEO & partner.

Taking the children on a business conference was such an original, new concept that the leading business newspaper in the Nordic region Dagens Industri decided to discuss Opticom’s conference at Skåvsjöholm located northeast of Stockholm.

To read the full article (in Swedish) please click on the link below:



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Earlier than in previous years, Opticom has now started the planning process for the next edition of the office paper tracking survey. As many of our clients have their budgeting process in the autumn, the multi-client proposal is distributed to many of our contacts already in October.

Important dates and information about the 2013 years edition are given below:
• October 2012 – proposal distributed
• March 31, 2013 – deadline for early bird offer (5% discount)
• May 6, 2013 – deadline for subscription
• June 2013 – Discussions with subscribers to finalise survey design, questionnaire and scope
• September – October 2013 – fieldwork/interviews
• October – November 2013 – statistics and reporting
• December 2013 onwards – presentations and news releases

Early bird subscribers are not only entitled to a discounted fee but also, given an opportunity to influence the final research scope and questionnaire.

NEW! In 2013 the basic survey package will focus on Germany, France and UK countries that most of our clients are interested in. All other countries are offered as optional and priced separately.

If you would like to receive the multi-client proposal or in case you have any questions regarding the next edition of the office paper tracking survey, do not hesitate to contact project manager Marijn van der Sluijs at marijn [at] opticom [dot] se or by calling +46 8 50 30 90 00.



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Opticom International Research today announces the “Part II – Brand Owners” of the results from “The Brand Tracking Survey – Cartonboard for consumer packaging 2012” defining and ranking the most valuable virgin fibre cartonboard brands in Western Europe according to consumer goods brand owners.

The results are based on interviews conducted in February-March 2012 with 364 brand owners located in Western Europe, representing six different end use segments: Cosmetics & beauty care, Pharmaceuticals & healthcare, Chocolate & confectionery, Frozen & chilled food, Dry food, Wines & spirits.

Most valuable brands in Western Europe – based on the Opticom Brand Equity Index

The two strongest cartonboard producers from a branding perspective are clearly Iggesund and Stora Enso. The top three brands; Incada and Invercote from Iggesund and Tambrite from Stora Enso, are in a class of their own with regards to the Opticom Brand Equity Index; above all thanks to higher awareness than seen for other cartonboard brands. These brands were top three in 2010 although Incada and Tambrite, since then, have switched places.

Over time, there is a distinct positive trend with regards to knowledge of cartonboard brands amongst companies producing branded consumer goods to be packed in folding cartons. This is amongst other reflected by twelve cartonboard brands qualifying for the ranking in this edition vs. seven brands in 2010. However, spontaneous brand awareness among brand owners is clearly lower than among carton converters: the top three brands are mentioned spontaneously by only 8 – 10 % of the respondents, while among converters the top three brands were spontaneously mentioned by 23 – 29 % of the respondents. Furthermore, about one in five brand owner respondents are not able to name the brands currently used for their products; only the type / grade of cartonboard.

There are five brands qualifying for the total European ranking for the first time of which three from Stora Enso: Performa, CKB and Ensocoat. The other two newcomers in the ranking list are Korsnäs (being both a product and corporate brand) and the Carta Range (Elega, Solida and Integra) from Metsä Board.

Brand knowledge clearly differs across the six segments surveyed

See the full rnaking here



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In an interview with Anna Altner, SPCI / Svensk Papperstidning describes the way Södra Cell has used Opticom’s Future Lab for putting innovation into practice.

To read the interview with Anna Altner, originally published in SPCI / Svensk Papperstidning’s September issue, “Putting innovation into practice“.



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Nine out of ten Swedes think it is very important to keep research in pharmaceutical companies in Sweden. A majority of citizens is willing to pay more to get access to new and modern pharmaceuticals. At the same time, the industry thinks the biggest threat to the industry is the lack of willingness to pay for innovative pharmaceuticals. This is one of many interesting results which appear in a new survey on the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma Industry has in cooperation with the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden LIF and Opticom International Research conducted a survey in which the pharmaceutical industry itself evaluates its conditions. A new element this year is that the survey also has studied the general public’s opinion on the pharmaceutical industry.

Click here to read the full article about this survey on the pharmaceutical industry (in Swedish).



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Opticom International Research today announces the results from “The Brand Tracking Survey – Cartonboard for consumer packaging 2012” defining and ranking the most valuable cartonboard brands in Western Europe according to carton converters.

The ranking of brands, the Opticom Brand Equity Index, takes into account both awareness of and satisfaction with the brand. Satisfaction encompasses quality and service associations, perceived brand performance as well as loyalty towards the brand.

The results are based on interviews conducted in February-March 2012 with 206 carton converters from seven Western European countries: Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. All the converters who participated in the survey use virgin fibre cartonboard for their cartons and they produce folding cartons for at least one of the following end use segments: Cosmetics & beauty care, Pharmaceuticals & healthcare, Chocolate & confectionery, Frozen & chilled food, Dry food, Wines & spirits. Totally 58 different brands were evaluated by the converters and to qualify for the ranking, a brand must be evaluated by minimum ten respondents. Respondents cover a range of functions though most are related to purchasing and selection of cartonboard.

Main findings
The survey shows a very positive development with regards to awareness. There are improvements across most markets and brands and Jessica Tommila, Project Manager at Opticom, relates this to the intensified focus on branding of cartonboard seen in the last few years, saying: “The work put into branding by the cartonboard producers is really starting to show results. For many brands there is an impressive improvement in spontaneous awareness.”

To read the full news release, please click on the link below:
“Improved brand awareness among board converters – leading suppliers challenged by other companies”

For more information, or ordering of the study, please contact Jessica Tommila at +46 8 50 30 90 00 or jessica [at] opticom [dot] se.



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What will future customers want in terms of paper, quality, feel and form? That is probably the industry’s million dollar question and it might be an impossible one to answer. But Holmen Paper is never afraid to tackle big, difficult or complex questions.

So how can we go about determining what future customers will want from their paper and what other useful knowledge and criteria customers have in reserve?

The Future Lab is a concept that combines market surveys and round table discussions with interested parties from various industries. A key aspect of the Future Lab is also the scope to build and expand the network of people who like paper. The requirement for being involved is therefore that participants must have a shared interest in paper and its properties and benefits.

Together, the participants discuss everything to do with paper; what good paper feels like, future needs, the position of paper, the importance of paper – basically what is expected of paper. Questions that are tackled include: How can we become a better supplier? What would customers like to see? How can we generate customer loyalty, create partnerships? Other questions for which joint answers are being sought are: How can we refine our products to meet customer needs? Can we adapt our products and create new products in line with customer wishes?

The Future Lab allows the company to see its business from a different angle and with a different focus. Since the discussions are based on the intended users, it is possible to see the needs and requirements from the perspective of those customers and users.

“The challenge for Holmen Paper going forward is to expand its knowledge of trends and find out about users’ opinions, future requirements and needs regarding paper and its development. The Future Labs are an excellent means of doing this,” says Mikael Selling of Opticom.

Opticom has almost 20 years’ experience of this type of survey. Some of the key tasks of a Future Lab are to identify what will be required and expected from the supplier, to create and build up relationships, and to test and discuss new products and services in a constructive manner.

Read the full article, originally published in Holmen Paper’s customer magazine Holmen’s Paper, here:
“What will future customers want from their paper?”



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A successful product introduction in the pharmaceutical industry has usually been based on market access, price and reimbursement strategies. However, during the last couple of years, large changes have occurred in the medical and healthcare systems, in patients’ expectations and involvement, as well as concerning influence and expectations from payers. The medical and healthcare industry now operates in a complex environment, where new stakeholders, on both regional and national level, are gaining more and more influence.

The influence of the individual doctor is decreasing as doctors are more steered by politicians and administrators on both regional and national level. As a consequence, Stakeholder Management has become an absolutely critical competence in order to be successful. This affects both how companies organise themselves and what competences the employees should have.

Future success will depend on an organisation’s ability to understand its dynamic environment and adapt its commercial model, plans and behaviours to capitalise on these changes.

To meet these changes, Opticom has developed the unique Opticom Stakeholder Mapping & Analysis. This Opticom product identifies key stakeholders and key decision making processes. What is more, we find out what these stakeholders think about current “hot topics” and future challenges and map who, and what, key stakeholders are influenced by, which groups or networks they belong to, and which other stakeholders they are influenced by and cooperate with.



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Also this year, Opticom’s Medical & Healthcare Division will participate in the Almedalen Week in Visby, Gotland, Sweden.

We would very much like to come in contact with new and old customers during these days, please get in touch with your Opticom contact person to schedule a meeting when it suits you, perhaps over a coffee, lunch, or after work drink?



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The world is facing the demographic challenge of a rapidly aging population. In Sweden, the number of people in working age (aged 20-64) per elderly (80+) has decreased from 35 in 1970 to 12 in 2010 and is forecasted to reach 7 in 2040. This dependency ratio presents a grim picture of our future capability of caring for our elderly.

Having this striking development in mind, ACCESS Health International (www.accessh.org), a not for profit organization dedicated to improving access to high quality and affordable healthcare worldwide, has created a platform for knowledge transfer between countries that are undergoing similar challenges in terms of aging. Policymakers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and the general public need a better understanding of efforts in other countries in order to prepare for the new demographic landscape in the best possible way.

ACCESS Health International’s work encompasses research, knowledge transfer and implementation support related to health finance, health service delivery and health technology. ACCESS’ partners include, among others, the World Bank, UNICEF, The Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, National University of Singapore, Indian School of Business, Stockholm School of Economics, as well as several private corporations. The organization’s offices are located in India, Bangladesh, US, Singapore, the Philippines, Brazil and since the beginning of the year, also in Sweden. The Swedish activities are focused on elderly and chronic care. ACCESS identifies and documents innovation worldwide and works to transfer the knowledge about good practises. The organization is now looking for partners in Sweden in need of comparative analysis between Asian countries that have come a long way in the preparations for the aging populations and Sweden.

On the collaboration with Opticom, ACCESS Country Manager Stéphanie Treschow says that having trusted partners is crucial. “Given the Opticom team’s in-depth knowledge of the Medical and Healthcare market and global mind-set, they are an invaluable source of information and an excellent sounding board for ACCESS” she states.

One of ACCESS’ most recent initiatives is the Silverevolution platform, which aims at sharing innovation for the elderly and to stimulate awareness and engagement among all generations for the Silver population. The platform is an interdisciplinary effort by a team of dedicated bloggers based in Singapore, the Philippines, Sweden, India, USA, Russia and Australia. It covers all aspects of the aging population, including new innovations in healthcare, the economic effects of aging, and the organizations that are shaping this field. ACCESS strives to grow this to the world’s leading platform for innovation for the elderly. Read more and follow the blog here.

To read more about ACCESS visit www.accessh.org or watch Country Manager Stéphanie Treschow’s talk on the challenges and opportunities for digital tools in elderly care here.

ACCESS is looking for partners that want to get involved in shaping the future of elderly and chronic care through collaboration or sponsorship with ACCESS. Please contact Country Manager Stéphanie Treschow on stephanie.treschow@accessh.org.



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The results from the 2012 brand tracking survey on cartonboard for consumer packaging are now available. The final reports will be available before summer and presentations can be booked from June onwards.

Since its start in 2004, Opticom’s brand equity tracking survey for virgin fibre based cartonboard has been the industry benchmark whereby cartonboard producers have been able to measure the value of their cartonboard brands in relation to competition and detect trends over time. The ranking has been based on the Opticom Brand Equity Index which is based on four key drivers of brand equity; Spontaneous Awareness, Top of Mind, Brand Performance and Brand Loyalty.

The research coverage is very extensive as totally 246 converters and 461 brand owners are interviewed across 8 European markets focusing on 6 end-use segments.

Questions primarily concern awareness, buying determinants and performance of the brands but in this year’s edition there is also a special emphasis on sustainability and environmental aspects.

Should you be interested in subscribing to the survey, please contact the Project Manager Jessica Tommila at jessica (at) opticom (dot) se or +46708399006.



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Opticom International Research now presents the results of the 10th edition of the “Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Office Paper”. This industry standard benchmark survey for office paper brands has been conducted among 3 000 professional end-users across 10 countries in Europe.

The top European office paper brands according to the Opticom Brand Equity Index are:

Rank 2011 Brand (Brand owner)
1 Xerox (Xerox)
2 Navigator (grupo Portucel Soporcel)
3 Lyreco (Lyreco)
4 HP (HP)
5 Office Depot (Office Depot)
6 Viking (Office Depot/Viking Direct)
7 Plano (Papyrus)
8 Clairefontaine (Clairefontaine)
9 Staples (Staples)
10 Discovery (grupo Portucel Soporcel)
11 Data Copy (M-real)
12 Inácopia (grupo Portucel Soporcel)
13 Ricoh (Ricoh)
14 Double A (Double A)

To access the full news release click on the following link:
News Release Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Office Paper 2011

For more information, or ordering of the study, please contact Marijn van der Sluijs at +46 8 50 3090 00 or Marijn [at] opticom [dot] se.