Annually Opticom talks to more than 30 000 printers, converters, and other professionals dealing with paper, board and other forest products in order to define brand equity through measuring and tracking brand awareness, brand performance, buying behaviour and brand loyalty among important end-users in Europe.

Regular editions of our brand and supplier tracking surveys are currently available for woodfree coated paper, cut-size uncoated woodfree paper, and cartonboard for consumer packaging.

These multi-client surveys also form the basis for Opticom’s in-depth knowledge of brand tracking in a business-to-business environment which has benefited other clients interested in tracking their brands by means of tailor-made, client-specific studies.

There are four main ways in which the brand tracking surveys add value to our clients:
1. Top results in the surveys are used in corporate and marketing communication to strengthen brands and reputation.
2. In-depth analysis of the results in combination with our clients’ own knowledge of the market enables the evaluation of the success of branding and product strategies.
3. A deeper understanding of end-users’ knowledge, demands and expectations provides our clients with input to develop the brand portfolio, product range and service offering.
4. The results allow for developing channel strategies and relations.