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Consumer goods & services: Welcome


Given the variety of Opticom’s research methods and international reach, it is not surprising that also companies in the field of consumer goods and services turn to Opticom when looking for consulting to ensure they can make better business decisions.

Some of our clients: Assa Abloy, IKEA, MIPS, Moltex, Recommended, Renault, SBC, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, Silja Line, Situation Sthlm, Sony, Spendrups, Swedish Match, Sörmlands Sparbank, Telia, Volvo

Consumer goods & services: Clients

We help companies in our global digital world. With this and more:

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From global gathering to complete analysis.

To better understand key decision makers.

By using new methods of interactive networking.

And even target new customer segments.

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Focusing on benefits, rather than features.

And thus, boost sales and improve bottom line.

Workshops that result in action!

Follow our penguins here!

Consumer goods & services: Services



Fast and solid Ad testing is a worthwhile investment


Consumer insights: Forest industry must build trust throughout the value chain - all the way through to consumers!

Wood Furniture

IKEA: Continuous market reserach is absolutely crucial for a sound business development

Three Motorcycles

MIPS: This study has booseted our self-confidence

Consumer goods & services: Testimonials
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