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Opticom’s health division supports customers in making better business decisions, by using a wide range of market research tools in combination with strategic consulting based on in-depth industry knowledge.We strongly believe that successful market research is dependent on commitment and active dialogue between ourselves and our customers. Therefore, we take an active part throughout the entire project process and keep a continuous dialogue with our customers in all phases – from defining the real information need as well as in defining the optimal way of obtaining information, to efficiently gathering and compiling the data. We put a lot of emphasis on analysing the results to define actionable conclusions and recommendations. Finally, we also offer support in implementing the defined actions and ensuring follow-up.Opticom is a proven partner for many globally leading companies and we know how to identify, screen and develop trustworthy relations with a number of target groups important to our clients worldwide. In order to enhance management’s understanding of how their markets work, we systematically collect and analyse information from those who change the markets.

Healthcare industry: About

We provide you with the insight you need to guide your organisation into making better decisions.

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From global gathering to complete analysis.

To better understand key decision makers.

By using new methods of interactive networking.

And even target new customer segments.

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Focusing on benefits, rather than features.

And thus, boost sales and improve bottom line.

Workshops that result in action!

Follow our penguins here!

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Long lasting market research benefits!

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