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The neurology field is facing increasing demands; such as a fast-growing population, increase of ageing patients and major advances in neuroscience. Thus, wide changes are needed in order to meet the care challenges for patients with neurological diseases. In Stockholm, a new private concept is now being shaped; providing care and serving as a complement to public neurology care. Looking for a partner in market analysis and strategic consulting; Neurology Clinic Stockholm turned to Opticom as an advising partner in the start up of a neurology specialist centre, which will be moving into new facilities at Sophiahemmet during the autumn of 2012.

Neurology Clinic Stockholm (NCS) was first started in 2004 and has since then slowly grown to become the largest private neurology clinic in Sweden. The aim has been to combine modern neurology care and neurophysiology know-how with the patient in focus. NCS has a unique position in Sweden since their neurophysiological investigations are integrated in the neurological outpatient clinic. This has many advantages with greater diagnostic accuracy and a significantly shorter latency before a correct diagnosis is established and a potential treatment is initiated. NCS has a contract with Stockholm County Council (SLL) regarding both neurology care and clinical neurophysiology and primarily functions as a referral partner towards primary care, but also towards a large number of other specialties, including the hospitals in Stockholm. NCS also have contracts with a number of insurance companies regarding patients with a private health insurance and who need to be seen by a neurologist or a neurophysiologist.

To meet the increasing demands on Neurology, NCS will launch a new neurology specialist centre at Sophiahemmet in Stockholm. NCS plan to open this new unit in September of 2012, where they will offer a complete neurological outpatient clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all sorts of neurological disorders. NCS at Sophiahemmet will have a fully-equipped neurophysiological laboratory, specialist nurses and physiotherapists in close proximity to the neurological outpatient clinic. NCS at Sophiahemmet will function as a specialist centre of neurology and as such, has close collaboration with several hospitals in Stockholm.

NCS was looking for a partner in market analysis and strategic consulting, assisting in the development of a business plan. The aim was to analyze the business potential for the new concept within neurological special care at Sophiahemmet. A study of the attractiveness and needs amongst prioritized stakeholders was performed and also the most important and joint actions were identified.

Tor Ansved concludes “This process of establishing a specialist centre of neurology has been greatly facilitated by the use of Opticom as a partner in the development process of the concept and provided many valuable insights from various stakeholders.”

Testimonial - Neurology Clinic: start-up at Sophiahemmet: Projects
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