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Published - 2022/06/20

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Brand tracking: essential follow up

Don’t be tempted to think ‘job done’ when the creatives hand over your new logo. It’s essential to track whether your investment is achieving what you had hoped for, both internally as well as externally.

Brand tracking: essential follow up

With over 30 years of brand tracking experience in the healthcare and forest industry, we know what a brand can and cannot do for you. We can help establish a baseline target group and follow how the group’s perception of the brand develops over time. It costs time and money to position or reposition yourself in the market, so you need to ensure you are not wasting your resources.

A brand tracking service which measures and tracks brand awareness, performance, buying behaviour and brand loyalty among end-users can help you in numerous ways:

  • Find out whether your brand is relevant, trusted and well known

  • Determine how your brand measures up against the competition

  • Evaluate market expenditure and help managers understand how the market is developing

  • Benchmark and provide quantitative and qualitative data analyses

  • Help provide feedback for R&D on the importance of certain product features and thereby help with new product and concept development

In summary, our tracking surveys provide more than just a way to rank your brand and products in the market. Ultimately, they are a tool to make better marketing and branding decisions for the future. With results updated on a regular basis to ensure changes in behaviour are documented over time, brand tracking can:

  • Strengthening marketing and PR

  • Enable the evaluation of the success of branding and product strategies

  • Provide a basis for developing the brand portfolio, product range and service offering

  • Provide input for channel negotiations

By measuring and evaluating the market on a regular basis, we can track trends of both brand performance (awareness, share of brands bought, satisfaction and loyalty) as well as endusers’ shifting demands. Following the trends for your brand and others in the market will reveal whether your brand is still growing, if a level of maturity has been reached, or whether it is in fact declining and a new action plan is needed.

Are you on the right track? Let’s find out together!

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