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Published - 2022/03/25

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Know your customers, or just think you do?

If you enjoy a long-standing relationship with your Purchasing contact, it can be tempting to think ‘job done’. One-to-one chemistry is extremely important in business, of course, but have you asked yourself what understanding the customer really means? A chat with your main contact and maybe a few others within his/her department is far from the full picture.

Know your customers, or just think you do?

Ever invited a customer to visit and received more of their team than you knew existed? That’s because there are often 10 or even 100 more people involved in any decision your direct contacts make. True insight comes from understanding what might be driving the strategic decisions that are often made behind closed doors.

Who are the people in the company that will champion your product to the decision maker because it makes their lives easier? We will find them, enhancing your knowledge of the buying cycle in the process.

Purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by sustainability strategy, for example. Relying on your main contact within the purchasing department is unwise because it’s only one piece of the customer’s puzzle. If you can only name a few people in the company, perhaps you don’t know them that well.

We have the tools and methods to reach beyond the purchaser. We can help you broaden your target group within your customer’s organisation and ensure the messages you send are relevant to each, because Sustainability personnel will likely be driven by different messages to Purchasing or Logistics.

Discover the role of different influencers behind final decisions, tailor communication with them in a way that builds brand recognition and trust, and you may find much of your work is already done before you even meet the purchaser.

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Did you know 57% of the decision-making process is done before a customer contacts a salesperson. We can help you reach and influence the right people behind the sales team. Start the conversation today.

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