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Published - 2022/10/17


Transforming results into action: our workshops

A customer survey is a useful tool to gather feedback and develop a greater understanding of your customers, but what really counts is what you do with the results.

Transforming results into action: our workshops

As Opticom’s Cecilia Nyholm explains: “A customer survey can provide honest feedback on your performance and customers’ expectations, but it won’t achieve much if it gets filed after just one person has read it. That’s why we offer follow-up workshops for managers within the company once the results have been analyzed."

A recent example was the workshops undertaken for Holmen Iggesund. A variety of positions from Operations to Sales and Technical and Customer Support staff took part. This was a starting point to facilitate discussion, share the insights and decide on action plans.

Felicia Wallin, Customer Insight Analyst at Holmen, says the results of the workshops are tangible. “The workshop helped us bring the results to life and gave us a common platform to discuss and look into the findings from different perspectives. We have made real progress. After the workshop, interest among our employees in what challenges and opportunities the future holds increased and we have seen several different types of initiatives generated based on the results, which is great.”

“This is about showing both the staff and the customers that the customers’ views are being acted upon,” adds Nyholm.

“Workshops can really improve employee engagement too, giving staff a chance to delve into the results and influence what action is taken next. They can help prioritize actions and provide the start point to lay out the next steps."

Workshops are tailored to fit the client’s needs and can be general or highly specific, focusing on one aspect of the results such as sustainability communication or quality, for example, or helping to decide which elements of the feedback should be prioritized.

“Follow-up workshops are only one example of what we do. They’ve proved to be just as successful to identify and prioritize virtually any aspect of the business, from branding to implementing a new project. They’re a great way to encourage motivation and participation among staff. “

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