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Published - 2023/02/16


We speak your language (and your customers’)

Unlike many in our line of business, we have our own in-house resources. We don’t outsource interviews, not even locally, let alone remotely. And this is important, providing a level of accountability and quality that can be lost during outsourcing, as Project Manager David Weller explains:

We speak your language (and your customers’)

“We pride ourselves on training and hiring all the interviewers we use, in contrast to most if not all of our competitors. A key part of ensuring quality results from surveys is that interviewers understand the culture and language of those they are talking to. It’s why all interviews are conducted in the native language of the respondent and why we go to great lengths to ensure we understand the local culture and speak their language.

“This attention to local detail starts before the interview. If respondents are in Brazil, for example, we make sure we have a native Portuguese speaker versed in the industry to translate the questions and ensure no nuance is missed, no technical term badly translated. Everything needs to be right from the start to produce meaningful results.

“There’s no Project Manager talking to another 10 managers. We own the resources, we pay the salaries, we train and oversee quality. It’s the only way to attain deeper insight from respondents.”

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