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NPS or customised? A quick review

Both the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a customized barometer using attitude, loyalty, and relative performance ratings can be valuable for measuring customer satisfaction in a B2B setting. However, their usefulness depends on the specific goals and context of your business. Some quick for food for thought if you’re wondering which path to choose:


  • Simple and easy to implement: NPS is calculated based on a single question asking customers how likely they are to recommend a company to others, making it easy to implement and interpret.

  • Benchmarking: NPS scores can be compared across industries, making NPS a widely accepted benchmark for customer satisfaction.

  • Quick feedback: NPS can help quickly identify customers who are promoters or detractors, allowing businesses to take action on the feedback received.

Customized Barometer:

  • Comprehensive: A customized barometer based on attitude, loyalty, and relative performance ratings offers a more in-depth understanding of customer satisfaction across various criteria.

  • Actionable insights: Detailed criteria can help pinpoint specific areas where a business can improve, guiding strategic decisions and allowing for targeted action.

  • Tailored to business needs: A customized barometer can be designed to address the unique needs and priorities of a business, ensuring that the assessment is relevant and targeted.

In summary, if your business is looking for a simple, easy-to-implement metric that can be compared across industries, NPS might be the better choice. However, if you need a more comprehensive and tailored assessment of customer satisfaction, a customized barometer based on attitude, loyalty, and relative performance ratings is more suitable. Often, using a combination of both NPS and a customized barometer can provide a holistic view of customer satisfaction while still offering actionable insights for improvement.

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