Often clients come to Opticom with a specific issue in mind that they would like to address. To fit these needs in the most optimal way, Opticom can tailor-make research projects and adjust both method as well as scope. Opticom frequently conducts large scale market studies in order to identify relevant segments, their demands and what to focus on when marketing products and services towards these segments.

Profitability of products, optimal price levels and the attractiveness of product and service features are evaluated using advanced methods such as conjoint methodology.

Once product, service and marketing concepts have been specified Opticom assists clients by conducting qualitative research projects with focus groups or face-to-face interviews to make sure new concepts are launched in the best way possible.

The common denominator in all types of research is that listening to the voice of your customers will allow your company to take better decisions when developing your business, markets or products on the basis of factual market feedback and thereby increase turnover and profitability.