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Customers’ positive attitude towards Holmen Paper has improved, according to this year’s customer survey by market analysts Opticom International Research. Customers now give Holmen Paper higher marks for service and support than in previous surveys.


The report shows that customers particularly value Holmen Paper’s service. In questions about business relations and technical support, they state that Holmen Paper does a better job than its competitors. Holmen Paper also receives high marks in the areas of corporate image and market communications.

One of the main purposes of Holmen Paper’s customer surveys is to gain feedback as a way of identifying where to focus improvement measures. Since the same types of question are asked on a regular basis, it is also possible to tell whether such measures have had the intended impact. Comparisons with 2008, for example, show that the work carried out to improve technical support has proved highly fruitful. However, on the question of improving product quality, the company has not been quite as successful, and that task is now taking top priority at all the mills. The area of delivery service also has aspects that need addressing.

“We have an excellent foundation for this through the work that has been done in our internal Preferred Supplier project,” says Anders Gyllenhammar, Vice President Marketing & Sales. “We’ll now be continuing and expanding that work, based on the latest survey results.”

A general conclusion to be drawn from the three surveys conducted in 2006–2010 is that customers appreciate their strong business relations with Holmen Paper, and that contact and communication is excellent.

“The results inspire us to continue doing our very best and always try to solve any problems that may occasionally arise,” comments Anders Gyllenhammar.

This article was originally publised in Holmen’s Paper, Nr. 3, 2010

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