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Transforming results into action: Our workshops

A customer survey is a useful tool to gather feedback and develop a greater understanding of your customers, but what really counts is what you do with the results.

Felicia Wallin, Customer Insight Analyst at Holmen, says the results of the workshops are tangible. “The workshop helped us bring the results to life and gave us a common platform to discuss and look into the findings from different perspectives. We have made real progress. After the workshop, interest among our employees in what challenges and opportunities the future holds increased and we have seen several different types of initiatives generated based on the results, which is great.”

Trees and Mountains

In brief - Results from a comprehensive study among key customers across 12 different countries in Europe, North Africa and Asia show that customers express a very positive attitude towards SCA Wood. “We want our customers to be heard and understood” explains Vanessa Pihlström, Marketing Communication Officer...

Flowers and Citrus

Throughout the years, Opticom has promoted the significance of conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys to many of its clients. Conducting these surveys and, more importantly, acting upon the results so that customer relations can be further strengthened, has helped many of our clients to strengthen their market position. UPM is one of Opticom’s clients who have taken this message to their heart and regularly track their...

Aerial View of Forest

Customers’ positive attitude towards Holmen Paper has improved, according to this year’s customer survey by market analysts Opticom International Research. Customers now give Holmen Paper higher marks for service and support than in previous surveys.

Business Colleagues

How Södra Cell benefited from implementing Opticom's Future LAB Concept

“For some time now, the paper market has been undergoing significant changes, with reductions in the consumption of several different paper grades, which in turn has seen a reduction in the consumption in pulp. This is a trend we expect will continue,” says Anna Altner, who manages the Pulp Labs communications tool and website at Södra Cell International AB.

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