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Published - 2021/02/01

Healthcare Industry

Jacob Ahlsson - New Corporate Advisor at Opticom Group

We are very proud and happy to announce that Jacob Ahlsson is joining Opticom Group! Jacob has vast experience of the life science sector, having worked in the industry for more than 20 years.

Jacob Ahlsson - New Corporate Advisor at Opticom Group

Most recently, Jacob held the position of Country Manager at Roche Diabetes Care in Sweden & Norway. During his time at Roche, he co-founded, which is a forum for people with diabetes which by now has become Sweden's largest diabetes community. This initiative laid the foundation for him being named Pharma Profile of the Year in Sweden - Årets läkemedelsprofil 2017!

Jacob has wide-covering experience of the industry, working both on the pharmaceutical, as well as the medtech side, and will be a very valuable addition to Opticom in his role as Corporate Advisor. He will be working with strategic advice to our industry partners in Opticom’s various projects for the life science sector.

In addition to his industry expertise, Jacob has cutting-edge skills in leadership, corporate and marketing strategy, marketing communication and digitization and has extensive experience in a number of different therapy areas, e.g. diabetes and oncology.

“I am driven by supporting companies in the industry to contribute to a more efficient healthcare for all patients through their products and services, as well as for care providers and society at large. I am passionate about all the opportunities that digitalisation provides. Digitalisation is very much about new technology, but it always starts with the individuals who are actually implementing the changes.” Jacob Ahlsson, Corporate Advisor, Opticom Group

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