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Published - 2016/04/25

Forest Industry

Put a tree in your tank

Many of us remember Esso’s classic campaign about putting a tiger in the tank of your car.

That claim was coined in another millennium, but demand for a clean, powerful and efficient fuel (yes that was what Esso promised) remains.

Put a tree in your tank

Now imagine that someone sets the wheels in motion and starts developing, producing and marketing a fuel that is not based on fossil resources. That does not contribute to climate change. That has no negative effect on agriculture and does not interfere with food production.

Imagine a fuel that can power anything from airplanes and long-haul trucks to city cars and scooters.

And imagine – if you can – this fuel being based on an endless resource that can be regenerated forever and ever.

Think trees.

How this can help change the world, we don’t know yet. But we can find out.

Because we strive to help companies around the world create value by transforming data and knowledge into strategic advice and efficient communication.

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