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Published - 2022/12/06

Forest Industry

Why SCA Pulp chose us to ask the right questions

SCA is no stranger to our services having used Opticom for numerous customer surveys over the years, but the company’s intention to treble its CTMP capacity was an added impetus to conduct a CTMP-specific customer survey.

Why SCA Pulp chose us to ask the right questions

SCA produces 100,000 integrated tonnes at its Östrand mill at present, but production will move to a new non-integrated site.

Marcus Hellberg, Sales Director, adds: “Our ISO quality standards require that customer satisfaction surveys be conducted on a regular basis, but we wanted this one to be especially proactive as we explore new business potential. Rather than just asking ‘how did we do?’, we asked ‘how would you like us to perform?’

“We always learn something from these surveys and each one is a reflection of its time – a snapshot of the state of the market. The response was good and honest. It’s no secret that Opticom is one of the leaders in this field in our business and specialised in what they do. That helps.

“It’s often tempting for the Sales department to conduct a survey such as this and say they need additional resources in response. We wanted to see how we could generate new sales by adapting our way of working. This led on to the second element of the survey which was to examine how everyone else within SCA should act, from mill to logistics, to maximise the outcome of the investment. We challenged Opticom to follow up on this, analysing the results and delivering workshops to help formulate responses. Together we came up with a number of relevant action points. The sessions raised lots of good ideas and I would say the outcome was excellent. Opticom were certainly able to give the results a more nuanced interpretation than we could have done on our own.”

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