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Published - 29 May, 2024

Healthcare Industry

Better HealthCare Decisions 2 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of Opticom's Health Newsletter!

Across Europe, the health and life sciences industry are rapidly evolving with significant advancements in digital health technologies and personalized medicine. The EU's regulatory landscape is adapting to support these innovations, ensuring patient safety while fostering technological growth. Globally, there is a marked increase in the adoption of telemedicine and AI-driven diagnostics, which are revolutionizing patient care and operational efficiencies in healthcare systems.

Better HealthCare Decisions 2 2024

At Opticom, during Q1 and Q2 2024 we have been delivering market research with native speaking research consultants in 98 countries, providing critical insights for leading companies worldwide. Our expertise is further enhanced by our agile market research solutions that deliver comprehensive reports within 48 hours. This service leverages an extensive healthcare panel and innovative survey methodologies to provide quick and accurate insights. Whether through online questionnaires, focus groups or in-depth phone or online interviews, we ensure reliable data collection from both patients and physicians.

As we continue to innovate and expand our services, Opticom remains committed to providing unparalleled market insights that drive success in the health and life sciences industries.

In this issue, we are excited to bring you the most up-to-date trends and insights from the health and life sciences sectors, both within the EU and globally. Meet the latest addition to our growing team, Malin Ingevald,  read the second article from our series that delves into the critical issue of  environmental consequences of pharmaceuticals, and about our exciting experience at the opening of Forskaren.

Read the full newsletter here.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a valued reader of our newsletter!

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