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Opticom’s health division supports customers in making better business decisions, by using a wide range of market research tools in combination with strategic consulting based on in-depth industry knowledge.


We strongly believe that successful market research is dependent on commitment and active dialogue between ourselves and our customers. Therefore, we take an active part throughout the entire project process and keep a continuous dialogue with our customers in all phases – from defining the real information need as well as in defining the optimal way of obtaining information, to efficiently gathering and compiling the data.


We put a lot of emphasis on analysing the results to define actionable conclusions and recommendations. Finally, we also offer support in implementing the defined actions and ensuring follow-up.


Opticom is a proven partner for many globally leading companies and we know how to identify, screen and develop trustworthy relations with a number of target groups important to our clients worldwide. In order to enhance management’s understanding of how their markets work, we systematically collect and analyse information from those who change the markets.

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Healthcare Industry

Better HealthCare Decisions 2 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of Opticom's Health Newsletter! Across Europe, the health and life sciences industry are rapidly evolving with significant advancements in digital health technologies and personalized medicine. The EU's regulatory landscape is adapting to support these innovations, ensuring patient safety while fostering technological growth. Globally, there is a marked increase in the adoption of telemedicine and AI-driven diagnostics, which are revolutionizing patient care and operational efficiencies in healthcare systems.

Healthcare Industry

Better Health Care Decisions 1 2024

Our first newsletter of the year is packed with everything from the critical issue of pharmaceutical waste and its environmental consequences, to making informed decisions in the healthcare industry with the help of market research, and you get to meet the newest member of our Team; Marianna Bokou!

Healthcare Industry

Navigating the green transition in pharmaceuticals A global perspective

The pharmaceutical industry plays a crucial role in global healthcare but its operations have a significant environmental impact. From the production process to the disposal of medications, the industry contributes to a considerable carbon footprint. This issue has prompted various global initiatives, including notable efforts, such as the ones in Sweden and the USA, which aim to reduce the environmental impact of pharmaceutical activities. Addressing these issues requires innovative solutions and collaborative efforts, reflecting Opticom's commitment to integrating environmental sustainability with strategic business insights.

Healthcare Industry

The Silent Environmental Crisis Unveiling the Impact of Pharmaceutical Waste

The Unseen Environmental Cost of Pharmaceuticals  In the modern world, pharmaceuticals offering relief and cure to many health conditions. Yet, beneath this healing facade lies an often-overlooked consequence—environmental pollution. The journey of pharmaceuticals, from their production to their disposal, demonstrates significant risks to different ecosystems, particularly aquatic life, and by extension, human health.   In this upcoming series of articles, Opticom will delve into the critical yet often overlooked issue of pharmaceutical waste and its environmental consequences. Our first piece sheds light on the significant barrier presented by a lack of public awareness regarding the safe disposal of unused or expired medications. This topic aligns with Opticom's commitment to fostering informed discussions and better solutions, as we explore the intersection of both healthcare and environmental sustainability. By initiating this series, Opticom aims to inspire actionable change, reflecting our dedication to addressing complex global challenges through insightful analysis and strategic guidance.

Healthcare Industry

Celebrating the opening of Forskaren A new dawn for innovation and collaboration

On May 6th 2024, the doors of Forskaren opened, marking a significant milestone in the realm of scientific and technological innovation. Representing Opticom, we were privileged to be among the attendees at this momentous event, witnessing the unveiling of a space that promises to redefine the landscape of research and development.

Healthcare Industry

What is the roadmap for better decisions in healthcare

Market research within its health division is the foundational strategy to drive informed business decision-making for the different stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Opticom’s approach for market research involves a multi-faceted methodology, deeply integrated with strategic consulting, and supported by our industry knowledge, to deliver actionable insights that directly impact clients' business outcomes.

Our clients

With more than 35 years of experience of serving the healthcare industry, Opticom is a trusted market research and communication partner to many of the leading companies on all levels in the value chain; ranging from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare professionals,  in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Our strong reputation in the industry, guarantees credibility of the results throughout your organization and provides you with security in decision making and powerful tools to create change.

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