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Sustainability Insights

The concept of a sustainable business is of paramount importance in today's world. A business, irrespective of its industry, must be mindful of its environmental impact.

Sustainability is not an option but a necessity for any business, as it cannot afford to undermine the resources, sourcing, and operations it relies on for its existence. Understanding what the entire value chain thinks and why is essential for better business planning. It makes no sense to invest in new branding, products, or an ad campaign without fully understanding how these initiatives might be received in the market.

Just about every research project we conduct these days is connected to sustainability because it permeates all aspects of business, whether that be changing perceptions, taking actions against climate change, becoming climate neutral, contributing to society’s green transition, or investigating the willingness to pay a premium for Green, and more. 


We know that consumers are driven by emotion, but so are key decision makers in the B2B environment as well to some extent. Their behaviour can be complex with numerous factors influencing purchasing decisions. A business that understands what and how different stakeholders think is more likely to meet their needs. 


Could you do more to change perceptions? Are your competitors faring better when it comes to building and maintaining trust in the market? Could you communicate differently to win hearts and minds? How could you position yourself as a thought leader on sustainability?  


With 35 years of experience researching and tracking consumer opinion and sustainability performance behind us, Opticom can help. Every project we undertake begins with a detailed discussion of the objectives of the study. Respondent feedback is gathered and interpreted by objective industry experts, always conducted in native tongue as experience has shown this yields the most comprehensive results.  Follow-up workshops can galvanise creative thinking and provide a framework of ideas to turn results into actions. Actions that could really make a difference to your future. Can you afford not to talk to us? 


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