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Published - 2016/05/11


​Opticom launches the 2016’s edition of the Office paper brand tracking study

The research consists of telephone interviews with end-users across three offices size: small, SOHO and large. About 1500 professionals, responsible for selecting and/or purchasing office paper, will be interviewed in five European markets: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

​Opticom launches the 2016’s edition of the Office paper brand tracking study

The survey provides value to subscribers in a number of ways:

• Follow-up and evaluation of the success of brand strategies: Rebranding, the launch of new concepts, brand positions’ development over time can all be evaluated accurately on the basis of the survey.

• Evaluation of different brands’ value in different markets – including awareness, satisfaction and loyalty – provides a valuable input for developing a brand’s position in a brand portfolio or for developing a brand portfolio to even better fit with end-user needs.

In addition to providing you with input on how to develop your portfolio, Opticom’s independent research report also provides you with a powerful tool in channel negotiations. A good position in the overall ranking for your brands can be used for marketing and PR purposes and can contribute to building commitment internally.

The preparation of the survey will take place during May and the fieldwork will be conducted in Q3, 2016 so that results will be available in October/November.

For more information, or ordering of the study, please contact us here.

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