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Whether it be in-depth analysis through market research, helping clients to build a successful communication strategy, evaluate customer satisfaction, test new products or service concepts, the insight we have gained from over 30 years in the forest industry value chain is unmatched.

From small beginnings, Opticom has become the leading customer research consultancy for the forest products industry, and we have learned so much from so many projects. Some of our relationships have spanned several decades, while some of our customers are just discovering our capabilities. We pride ourselves on in-depth knowledge gathering. The result is a comprehensive database of information and opinion from a huge range of sources, which means we keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry on your behalf. We are a truly global company covering over 30 nationalities active on 6 continents in more than 100 countries. Since our foundation in 1987, we have undertaken hundreds of international assignments across the world.


We hope our experience, tips and insights will provoke your curiosity at the very least. If one subject in particular strikes a chord, we’d be delighted to take the conversation further and help you add value wherever we can.   

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Forest Industry

The client’s view: Why Stora Enso picks us. Again. And again…

Maria Isaksson is no stranger to Opticom, having worked with us for almost a decade during her 20 plus years with Stora Enso.

Forest Industry


Our latest edition of Forest Insights is packed with useful information on how to turn data into knowledge. Understand why accurate market research matters, the pitfalls to watch out for if conducting your own surveys, and our Top 10 tips for getting it right first time.

Forest Industry

Forest Insights #2, 2023

Our latest edition of Forest Insights contains a wealth of valuable information. Discover the perspective of Stora Enso regarding our work and gain an in-depth understanding of our team members and their contributions to market research. Additionally, the selection between the Net Promoter Score(NPS) and a customized barometer for customer satisfaction measure.

Forest Industry


The latest issue of Forest Insights is out now!

Forest Industry

Why SCA Pulp chose us to ask the right questions

SCA is no stranger to our services having used Opticom for numerous customer surveys over the years, but the company’s intention to treble its CTMP capacity was an added impetus to conduct a CTMP-specific customer survey.

Forest Industry

Working forests hold the key to a greener future

We know that and so do you. Job done? If only. Trees are an emotive issue for the consumer, who likes seeing trees planted, but not harvested. So what to do?

Our clients

With more than 35 years of experience of serving the forest products industry, Opticom is a trusted market research and communication partner to many of the leading companies on all levels in the value chain; ranging from suppliers to the paper industry, through paper and board mills to paper merchants from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Our strong reputation in the industry, guarantees credibility of the results throughout your organization and provides you with security in decision making and powerful tools to create change.

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We have a proven track record in sustainability communication. PR and social media are the most common channels in use today and we can help you make the most of them.

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