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Published - 2016/02/29

Healthcare Industry

​The Swedish business climate taking the wrong turn

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s report “Företagsklimatet – nu än viktigare” (The business climate – now even more important) shows how the Swedish business climate is taking a slightly negative direction after decades of positive developments.

​The Swedish business climate taking the wrong turn

The report includes the results from a study conducted by Opticom on behalf of the Confederation, based on in-depth interviews with 164 business leaders from internationally oriented and research-intensive companies in Sweden.

Opticom is proud to have conducted this important study for the third time.

To read the report (in Swedish), click here.

For more information about the study conducted on behalf of Svensk Näringsliv, please contact our CEO Carl Michael Bergman at +46 8 50 30 90 02 or email at

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