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Published - 2024-05-03

White Papers

Beyond neutrality: A case for carbon reduction and true offsetting - White paper

In a critical evaluation of current environmental strategies, the concept of carbon neutrality is increasingly viewed as insufficient in tackling the urgent demands of the climate crisis. This white paper argues for a vital shift towards substantial carbon reduction and genuine offsetting methods.

Beyond neutrality: A case for carbon reduction and true offsetting - White paper

The limitations of carbon neutrality

While carbon neutrality aims for a net-zero carbon footprint by balancing emitted carbon with removal efforts, it often falls short. This approach, heavily reliant on future technologies and carbon offsetting such as reforestation, risks delaying essential immediate reductions in carbon emissions. The potential for greenwashing, where companies may misrepresent their environmental impact, further complicates the efficacy of carbon neutrality claims.

A dual strategy for more effective climate action

The proposed strategy emphasizes robust carbon reduction at the source—transitioning to renewable energy, enhancing energy efficiency, and adopting sustainable industrial and agricultural practices. True offsetting should play a supportive role, compensating for emissions that are currently difficult to eliminate, like those from heavy industries and long-distance travel. This approach not only aligns with the urgent scientific consensus on climate action but also drives economic innovation and sustainability.

Technological support and policy integration

Emerging technologies such as Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) and Direct Air Capture (DAC) hold promise but require more development to be financially viable and scalable. Integrating these technologies with a clear and enforceable policy framework that encourages real and measurable emissions reductions is crucial.

Conclusion: A call for immediate and authentic action

The path to a sustainable future requires moving beyond mere claims of carbon neutrality. It necessitates immediate actions that combine aggressive carbon reduction with responsible offsetting. For businesses, this means not only adapting to a low-carbon economy but leading the way in environmental responsibility.

This holistic approach ensures that efforts towards carbon neutrality are not only about balancing the books but making genuine progress in the fight against climate change.

Read white paper here:

Beyond carbon neutrality
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