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Tailor-made research

We don’t believe one size fits all. Often clients approach Opticom with a specific issue in mind. That’s why we offer tailor-made research projects for individual needs, adjusting both method as well as scope. We conduct frequent large-scale market studies too, to identify relevant segments, their demands and areas to focus on when marketing products and services towards these segments.

We evaluate the profitability of products, optimal pricing levels and product appeal, as well as service features, using advanced methods such as conjoint methodology.

Once product, service and marketing concepts have been specified, we help clients by conducting qualitative research projects with focus groups or face-to-face interviews to make sure new concepts receive the best possible launch.

Why bother? Because the common denominator in all types of research is listening to the customer. Make better decisions on business development, markets or products, based on factual market feedback and thereby increase turnover and profitability.

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