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Opticom’s health division supports customers in making better business decisions, by using a wide range of market research tools in combination with strategic consulting based on in-depth industry knowledge.


We strongly believe that successful market research is dependent on commitment and active dialogue between ourselves and our customers. Therefore, we take an active part throughout the entire project process and keep a continuous dialogue with our customers in all phases – from defining the real information need as well as in defining the optimal way of obtaining information, to efficiently gathering and compiling the data.


We put a lot of emphasis on analysing the results to define actionable conclusions and recommendations. Finally, we also offer support in implementing the defined actions and ensuring follow-up.


Opticom is a proven partner for many globally leading companies and we know how to identify, screen and develop trustworthy relations with a number of target groups important to our clients worldwide. In order to enhance management’s understanding of how their markets work, we systematically collect and analyse information from those who change the markets.

Hot topics


Healthcare Industry

Better Healthcare Decisions #3

Keep up to date with the latest healthcare industry insights and top tips, from long-lasting Market Research benefits to the form and format of a survey.

Healthcare Industry

How digital technology is driving home care

Digital technologies are contributing to rapid and fundamental changes in almost every aspect of our daily lives and this trend shows no sign of slowing down, not least within the healthcare sector which has seen a significant acceleration towards digital transformation since the pandemic began. As a result, venture capital funding for digital health companies in 2021 was a record $46.6 billion.

Healthcare Industry

Better Healthcare Decisions #2

Keep up to date with the latest healthcare industry insights and top tips, from inspiring recommendations to sustainable developments.

Healthcare Industry

Lif on the digitalisation of the pharma industry

Lif - the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden - wants to have a clear picture of how digitalisation is perceived by Swedish pharmaceutical companies, as well as how and to what extent people in the industry work with and contribute to the digitalisation of healthcare today. Since 2018, Lif has therefore commissioned a Digitalisation Index. After the 5th measurement, Opticom and Gunilla Englund – specialist at Lif – discussed about the evolution of the Digitalisation Index over time, its future, and mega trends in this field.

Healthcare Industry

Prolonging Life with Aesthetic Medicine

"The permanent struggle for optimizations is surely one of the most significant cultural principles operative in contemporary Western societies. If we do not want to be left stranded by a species of modern living dominated by acceleration and competition, we have no choice but to play our part in the incessant performance priming and productivity boosting, the relentless pursuit of self-enhancement and the ubiquity of the multi-tasking phenomenon in all walks of life."

Healthcare Industry

Better Healthcare Decisions #1

Keep up to date with the latest healthcare industry insights and top tips, from inspiring recommendations to sustainable developments.

Our clients

Unlocking Global Insights in Healthcare & Life Science

 Welcome to Opticom International Research, your premier source for comprehensive international market research solutions tailored to the dynamic Healthcare & Life Science industry. Our suite of products and services is designed to equip your organization with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate global markets successfully.


Global Market Analysis

Our in-depth global market analysis is your compass in the ever-changing landscape of Healthcare & Life Science. We offer exhaustive market assessments, identifying trends, opportunities, and challenges that shape your industry. Whether you're planning market entry, assessing growth potential, or monitoring market dynamics, our data-driven reports and insights are your strategic advantage.


Competitive Intelligence

Stay ahead of the curve with our competitive intelligence services. We provide detailed profiles of key players in the industry, helping you understand their strategies, product portfolios, and market positioning. Our competitor analysis empowers you to make informed decisions, devise effective strategies, and seize opportunities for differentiation.


Consumer Behavior Studies

Delve deep into the minds of your target audience with our consumer behavior studies. Understand their preferences, needs, and expectations to tailor your products and services effectively. Our research helps you create customer-centric strategies, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Regulatory and Compliance Research

Navigating the complex web of international regulations and compliance standards is critical in the Healthcare & Life Science sector. Our experts keep you updated on the latest regulatory changes, ensuring that your operations and product offerings remain compliant in all target markets.


Emerging Market Assessments

Uncover growth opportunities in emerging markets with our specialized assessments. We provide insights into the unique challenges and prospects in regions where the Healthcare & Life Science industry is rapidly evolving. Our research empowers you to make strategic investments and expand your global footprint.


Customized Solutions

Recognizing that every client is unique, we offer customized research solutions tailored to your specific objectives. Whether you require ad-hoc studies, ongoing market monitoring, or strategic consulting, our team collaborates closely with you to deliver actionable insights that drive your business forward.


Industry Expertise

Benefit from our extensive network of industry experts and analysts with deep-rooted knowledge in Healthcare & Life Science. We leverage their expertise to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, always ensuring that you’re well-informed.


At Opticom International Research, we're committed to helping you thrive in the global Healthcare & Life Science marketplace. Our dedication to accuracy, quality, and actionable insights sets us apart as your trusted partner. Join us in navigating the complexities of international markets and making informed decisions that lead to sustainable growth and success.


Explore our range of services and let us embark on a journey of discovery and excellence together.

Your success in global markets starts here.

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