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Peter Herte, Global Brand Manager at Galderma Global

Galderma is the world’s largest independent global dermatology company, with presence in over 100 countries. The company was the first in the world introducing hyaluronic acid fillers for aesthetic injections and is driven by medical research to help consumers achieve the desired natural improved look they want. Galderma’s overall aim is to continue to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of recognized products and services, trusted by both healthcare providers and consumers.


Peter Herte joined Galderma Global last year and oversees the company’s brand management in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. He started his industry career at Roche, as product manager and has since worked for Grey Healthcare, Nightingale, Synsam and SOBI.

At the moment, Peter is working in a sustainability project together with Opticom, aiming at getting better market insights about this very current topic, increasingly affecting our global society on so many levels.

Why doing a sustainability project now?

Peter explains that they decided to take this initiative because, as for all industries today, sustainability is extremely important for their business and they deemed it crucial to simply know more and better understand, for example, which aspects are important in achieving more sustainable packaging as well as looking into how the syringes can be improved from a sustainability point of view.

-  Maybe we will even be able to change the content of the very filler product itself, making it more sustainable, he says. A very important reason for deciding to conduct this new market research project with Opticom is that Galderma wants access to reliable market insights on which to base their sustainability communication on.

Peter continues: Sustainability is an important aspect for most companies and brands, and we are convinced that this applies just as much to the aesthetics industry. We previously thought that the manufacturing and disposal of packaging is what is closely linked to this, but in fact, sustainability is closely tied to beauty, appearance, and well-being, as well.

He points at another, new dimension to take into consideration: Sustainability already being such an important factor, will be even more so in the world after the COVID 19 crisis. Peter believes that in beauty care, the relation to sustainability will play an even bigger role in the future, now that Mother Earth has taken this big slap with all its consequences. - That is why I think our research is even more important right now, he emphasizes.

Unfiltered market insights crucial for decision-making

When asked about the reason for doing market research in general Peter says: The most valuable aspect in all such research is the unfiltered market insights you get from those directly involved, the experiences, needs and demands of the injectors and other staff involved in different areas. We base our communication on these insights, both for internal and external use. The important thing is that the findings lead to good communication and changed and improved processes, giving our business the right prerequisites to grow. Opticom will, as in all previous projects, deliver results, analyses and action plans on how to make the best possible use of the fresh market knowledge.

Why Opticom?

We have done projects with Opticom before and we have based many of our business decisions on the research findings, it has always been a good investment, a good ROI. Opticom has conducted various projects, both highly qualitative as well as quantitative. For example where face-to-face interviews with doctors and nurses where conducted all over the world through visits at clinics and hospitals as well as surveys based on phone as well as web surveys.

Peter says: Opticom has not only the knowledge about our area, beauty care and medical and health care, but also has the versatility and global coverage to be able to work on all our markets by using these different methods. Opticom has a very high international competence, which is rare for a Swedish market research company. The fact that Opticom is a Swedish company based in Stockholm, that can reach out globally is a perfect match for a company like Galderma!

When asked about Opticom’s past and future contribution, he concludes: Opticom carries through with the different project set-ups, has the global coverage which is crucial to us, but even more importantly; draws conclusions and makes recommendations on what improvement measures and activities we should implement. As before, Opticom will provide active market advice based on compiled research results and insights and that is an excellent groundwork for me and my team to work on.

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