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Published - 2017/10/10


Opticom Group pre-launching new business focused on staffing & recruitment

Opticom Group pre-launching new business focused on Staffing & Recruitment

The global research, consulting and communication company Opticom Group is launching Opticom International Talents, a company that will offer staffing and recruitment of talented and qualified professionals with an international background and expertise.

Opticom Group pre-launching new business focused on staffing & recruitment

Opticom International Talents offers staffing & recruitment services within marketing and sales, customer support, global project/product management, communication and research. We offer talented and qualified professionals with an international background, trained and coached co-workers that are quality approved by Opticom.

Opticom Group has for more than 30 years recruited, trained and developed more than 1,500 international talents from more than 110 countries to manage our consulting projects for demanding corporations on a global level. Our talents have a variety of academic backgrounds and educations within marketing, economics, engineering, communication as well as medical degrees. Most of them also have work experience from their country of origin, resulting in vital understanding of different cultures and business climates. After having worked at Opticom, many of these talents have continued a successful career in both medium and large global companies.

“We love to further develop talents and we believe that the combination of international experience and academic competence is a great ASSET TO many growing companies. Diversity and integration are two important missions, which we have found that many companies are interested in being part of.

We have worked more than 30 years with staffing our projects with well-educated immigrants (kärleksinvandrare / love immigrants) from all over the world. It has been a fantastic experience for me for 17 years. I have met so many fantastic individuals, some of them still working in our group and many in other interesting companies.

Now is the right time to offer this service to other companies with similar needs for international talents. We are seeing a great deal of interest in our staffing and recruitment services, and we have now started working with the first customers,” says Anette Eng, CEO of Opticom International Talents.

Our definition of “Kärleksinvandrare/love immigrant”?

A person who has come to Sweden to make a life with their Swedish partner. They have often met each other abroad or in Sweden during studies or travels. These immigrants like many others often have a hard time finding jobs within their fields of expertise because of the fact that they do not speak Swedish yet. We have never cared about that fact since our office language is English and their working languages is their native tongue. Our staff learns Swedish during the time they work with us, they study part time at SFI or other schools and when they do find jobs within their field it often helps that they have the work experience and references from Opticom.

For further information, please contact: Anja Malmberg


 About Opticom Group

Opticom Group offers global research, consulting, communication and staffing & recruitment. Our mission is to help our customers create value by transforming data and knowledge into strategic advice and efficient communication. We are a truly global company covering over 30 nationalities and active on 6 continents from more than 110 countries.

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